Dear Sunrisers,
We know there have been rumours that this year's Sunrise is cancelled, please bare with us until this afternoon when we will make an official statement explaining what's going on. Sorry we can't say any more now but something will be up in a few hours time.
Best wishes to you all,
The Sunrise Team xxx


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"SUNRISE! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! in a whole it was all sooo magical. without the help of allllll the beautiful people flowing around and stunning scenery. I am still twitching with loveeeee and joyyyy from such a great experience!" Leah Branwen Gilly     
"Fantastic festival, guys! BIG UP to everyone involved and special thanks to the absolutely lovely security at the site... terrific!!" Desdemona Wolf
"Awesome times at Sunrise Festival on the weekend... love the new venue and met so many great characters and lovely people.. such a top vibe!" DJ Lucas
"Sunrise always restores my faith in the human race and this year was particularly special...THANKS" Albo Baggins
"Beautiful site too - loved the fact that we could roam around the huge field in front of the house and weren't cordoned off. Nice camping field and fab dance tents. Well done Sunrise team - we had a great time". Lucy Campbell
And thank you to the BBC for this great review!