About Sunrise

Sunrise is an event that has been recognised time and again winning multiple awards over the years including but not limited to the Guardian and Observer newspapers ‘Ethical Travel Award’, The Shelter award for ‘Most Socially Responsible Festival’ and The Green Parents ‘Best Green Festival Award’.

Sunrise has a plethora of musical styles, inspirational talks, educational workshops, performance art and both spontaneous moments and purposefully provided opportunities to help with spiritual exploration and growth. We will continue with our annual gathering of fun, games and implementation of ideas to better the world for as many years as we can.


Sunrise is an ethical living, organic, arts and music festival that was started by Daniel Hurring and Sun Bird who together organised its debut event in 2006. In 2008 after two very successful years at its first venue, an unexpected localised storm with flash flooding sent Sunrise looking for a new home on higher ground. After several years of trying out different sites, with many amazing Sunrises taking place during this journey, 2018 sees the second event on what is becoming Sunrises new permanent place of residence with landowners that share the Sunrise ethos.


The last two years have been difficult for the Sunrise family with the unexpected deaths of both co-founder Sun Bird and organiser Jonathan Cainer, both of whom have left large gaps in the world. They contributed massively to Sunrise in the past and it wouldn’t be where it is today without them. They will always be honoured within the world of Sunrise.

Their inspiration and hard work, along with the inspiration and hard work of many others, created Sunrise Festival as we know it: a family friendly, ethical living, music and arts festival and a pioneer with its focus on sustainability and organic living.


Sunrise will once again be boasting site wide compost toilets avoiding all of the unnecessary chemicals, water wastage and discomfort of those hot box portaloos and instead creating organic compost that can be returned to the earth, replenishing, nourishing and continuing the cycle of life.

Local Then Organic

Sunrise is about being good to the Earth and being good to yourself and with this in mind we have a site-wide policy that ingredients are locally sourced then organic whenever possible.

Ethical Living

Ethical living is a very important part of the Sunrise ethos. In addition to everything already mentioned Sunrise has a site-wide policy that everything traded and used on site is ethically sourced, boycotting large and/or unethical brands in favour of smaller more conscientious businesses.

Family friendly

Sunrise is a music and arts festival with plenty to do for everyone: music, workshops, food, talks, fun and games. There is enough variety available that everyone in the family from newborn to 90 should be able to discover something of interest.