Welcome Back!

After a long and cold winter the sun rises again this August as Sunrise Festival returns bringing with it warming rays, a beautiful new light by which to see the world and our continued ethos of sustainability, organic living and a family friendly environment. Join us once again to frolic in fields, dance with butterflies and learn skills that will forge the way to leading a planet friendly lifestyle.


This year the workshops are as varied as ever and there are so many to choose between that you could easily spend your entire festival going from one workshop to the next, starting each morning with an early yoga session and ending each night with star gazing.


At Sunrise this year inspiring speakers set to interest and inform will be covering a wide range of topics from gardening and off-grid living to home education and politics, whether you already have a set interest in a discussion or are wishing to explore new territories you are likely to discover talks to keep you engaged and leave you wanting more.


There is plenty for children of all ages to do from learning bush craft to graffiti workshops (using environmentally friendly spray!) Circus skills, bubbles and painted faces, whether your child is in the mood for pirates or princesses, painting or sports, making juggling balls or listening to stories we have them covered! There will be opportunities galore for both adult lead workshops and child led playtimes.


We will be bringing you a combination of music featuring sounds from a vast mix of genres including but not limited to World Beats, Gypsy, Dance, Electronica, Hip Hop, Funk, Acoustic, Jazz, Ska, Celtic, Folk, Dubstep, Psytrance and Reggae. Watch this space for our initial line up announcement coming soon! In the meantime enjoy some music by previous acts to get a taste of what is to come…


The Sun is rising again!

Join us this Sunrise to bask in its rays, dance with us and laugh with us until the light gives way. Under the starlight, bright and true, love this world and love yourself too. Bring all the passion that you contain and share it at Sunrise every day.

Tickets on sale now via The Bristol Ticket Shop